Headshot of Yacin

I build algorithms to better understand network traffic, often in the context of improving security, ascertaining ownership of digital assets, or identifying abuse on the Internet. While completing my Ph.D. at Georgia Tech, I published academic papers in these or nearby spaces and also have written in less formal venues. When I find something particularly cool, I give workshops and online training courses. I’m happy to review technical material, too.

I’m an advocate for fully-remote work and am curious about how to improve the remote experience from a management perspective. By day, I work as a Senior Security Researcher at Corelight Labs. I volunteer as a Tech Instructor for Black Girls Code and am interested in other similar volunteer roles.

Foolhardily unleashed on this world by my American and Algerian-now-American parents, I was born and raised in middle-of-nowhere Michigan and ended up in DC by way of Chicago and Atlanta. I’m also a cassette tape enthusiast, relentless city biker, bad soccer player, muay thai trainee, Daria superfan, and proud Ex-Muslim.